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The Ozone Thief

The ninth and latest book in the popular Doofuzz Dudes series from YABBA Shortlisted author, Roslyn Motter,. All your favourite characters are there - Huon and Toby Doofuzz and their cousin Jared, plus the man you all love to hate - Prince Florian!


The Planet Zok

This is the eighth book in this exciting series. Toby receives a cryptic message from Zarundok. Come with the Dudes as they hasten to the amazing Planet Zok, the birthplace of all Moondarians, to find him.


The Blood Tree

Hillary Pillari moves into Sunshine Grove and the Doofuzz Dudes want to keep secret their Moondarian activities. But Cap, Hillary’s pet ferret, receives a letter from Zarundok and the Dudes have to take Hillary with them on their latest adventure.


Books 1 - 6

Have you got the first 6 Doofuzz Dudes books? Rescue Moondar, The Princess Detector, The Babbling Bottles, The Black Pearl of Laramoth, The Cobra Curse and The Space Spiders.

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